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Shormila Shormi
Aug 02, 2022
In Interior Design Forum
We say paradigm iteration, essentially because all enterprises today are in a watershed, which is an important transition from the industrial age to the digital age. In the industrial age, the environment is relatively certain, and "scientific management" assumes that people are passive, passive, and require supervision and incentives. But in the digital age, the business environment phone number list we face is full of great uncertainty and is ambiguous and changeable. So our assumptions about people are facing a huge change, which is to assume that people are active and active. Such theoretical basis was put forward probably in the 1970s and 1980s. The so-called X theory and Y theory are the interpretation of this basis. In recent years, OKR, a new method of performance management emerging in Silicon Valley in the United States, was first applied by Google, and then by companies such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Today, many Chinese companies are also trying to use OKR, but 99.9% may not be successful, because a company's corporate culture needs to be built on a bottom-up system. At the same time, based on the assumption that people are proactive and highly literate, if you apply OKR to a traditional manufacturing enterprise, you will never succeed.
Good management relies on front-line personnel to make decisions
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Shormila Shormi

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